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We Are Professional In Our Work

An international firm of planners, gardeners, architects and designers who are specialized in irrigation, swimming pools, gardening, and landscape lightings.

With our professional skills, we create designs that fits into client’s choice of dream. If you are seeking for a relaxing design or a place to do some outdoor activities. Pleasures Of Yard Work is here for this job.

Irrigation In Dubai

Wrongly timed & incorrect watering of plants usually destroys all the efforts for your garden design dream. A moveable hose usually break garden flowers, which is very heavy & uncomfortable. So that is why a correct option is drip Irrigation in Dubai. Additionally, in privately owned home we have always plenty of other options, much enjoyable things to do, than ridicules manual watering of plants.

Swimming Pools In Dubai

Our suggestion to our client before they go ahead & make out a decision to spend thousands of dirhams on their concept of designing luxury swimming pools at least, take some time to get some of our useful guidelines, which will covers the major issues in your designing concept. Our designers are so professional in their respective field that can design your swimming pool according to your concept.

Plan & Gardening

If you want to create a beautifully designed garden, you have to decide the perfect style you would like to select and then let us plan a detailed design structure with a proper elements of plants & other decorative landscape placements. There are different kinds of planning, like rectangular motifs, circular shape, diagonal Parallel & Sleek lines concise rockeries with small waterfalls.

Hardscape & Softscape

The garden design cannot be finalized without arbors, benches & fountains. These orchard looks impractical & boring but fascinating. Our pro designer ready for a challenge to make territorial change of your garden’s design & add functional and decorative elements to your garden. To make this happen, you can get hardscape, our company made which are marvelous and eye catching.

Landscape Lighting in Dubai

Lighting is the most eye catching, even the most gorgeous landscape design can lose its looks in the dark. Landscape lighting usually used for architectural, decorative and functional purposes. Landscape lighting is needed to walk safely on the garden usually in the dark. Architectural & decorative lighting is designed to decorate the garden design, emphasizing the shape of each specific piece.